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The Hobbit Fic -'Bath time fun with Fili & Kili"
Title: Bath Time fun with Fili & Kili
Pairing: I'm not telling! ^_^
Rating: PG15
Word Count: 1,441
Spoilers: None really
A/N: I so loved The Hobbit... and Fili &Kili... and Thorin... and Bilbo.... but especially Thorin! lol
Disclaimer: This story is NOT mine!! It belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien!! And the movie to Peter Jackson... I love that man...


Summary: While keeping up with Thorin's tireless pace, Bilbo Baggins accidentally gets himself injured badly; and with Thorin unwilling to slow down its only a matter of time before Bilbo temper gets the best of him. Fili and Kili take notice and make plans to do something about it.

~*~ Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.R.R Tolkien! I’m just borrowing them for a bit of fun! ~*~

~BathTime Fun with Fili & Kili ~

     The worse thing about breaking ones arm, (other than the actual breaking part) was the itching. By Aule how it itches! he couldn’t scratch it, he couldn’t move it, and until Gandalf got back he couldn’t get it wet. Bofur had been a great help in bandaging his broken limb, and to Bilbo surprise Ori knew a thing or two about herbal remedies. Although it still throbbed a bit Bilbo was determined to push through it and keep up with the rest of the company. Thorin was already crossed with the Hobbit for having the audacity to get himself injured in the first place. (Never mind the fact that the whole incident was entirely NOT Bilbo’s fault!)

     It was at Thorin’s insistence mind you, that Bilbo and the rest of the dwarven company marched on through the muck of the forest. It had been raining nonstop for four days prior, so everything was still wet, soggy and slippery. The company had been navigating on a narrow natural bridge, the stone had been slick and what came next happened far too fast for the Hobbit to process. One second Bilbo had been walking in between Balin and Kili, the next he was on the ground some several feet down clutching his arm in pain. He didn’t remember much after that, Bofur told him later he’d had gone into shock. He also told the Halfling that Thorin had seemed worried about him, and that the Dwarf prince had been the first down the ravine; followed closely by Kili, Fili, Balin and himself of course.

    “You did good Mister Baggins!” Bofur had said cheerfully at the time, “You didn’t pass out entirely until we set your wee bones right!” He then patted Bilbo on his uninjured shoulder and moved on ahead. He hadn’t known what to say at the time, maybe it was because of the herbs. Blinking back to the present Bilbo held melancholy sigh, he’s accident had been nearly a fortnight ago. Since then Thorin had only stopped the company when it was absolutely necessary. There still had been no word, or sign of Gandalf, and Bilbo didn’t quite know just where the old wondering wizard got himself off to. (And if Thorin knew he sure as rain wasn’t telling anyone, least of all Bilbo Baggins.) One thing he was grateful for, it hadn’t rain since the day of his fall. On the other hand it was very humid and muggy at times, Bilbo didn’t know which was worse actually.

     Another thing the Halfling had noticed (and this could purely be the combination of Ori’s herbs and his imagination at work…) it seemed like Fili and Kili were sticking closer to hobbit than usual. Bilbo couldn’t be 100 percent sure mind you; it could have been something as simple as the dwarves shifting the line. However it did looked that way to him, for every time Thorin graciously allowed them a brief reprieve; where ever Bilbo was the brothers were not far away.

He didn’t pick up on this pattern until a few days ago and honestly at the current moment didn’t give two figs if his suspicions were true or not. Bilbo Baggins wanted to take a bath! A real glorious hot water bath! He wanted a pair a clean clothes, he wanted to stop stinking of troll snot and sweat! But above all else; what he wanted was for this thrice blasted itching to STOP! It was slowly driving the hobbit mad!

     “Mr. Baggins… I say Mr. Baggins!... BILBO!” the Halfling jumped at the sound of Balin’s voice. He fought the urge to blush and not look to see if Thorin at witness his absentmindedness, (he was quite sure the dwarven prince did…he never missed anything much to Bilbo’s annoyance.) He turned attention to the elder dwarf, “Er… Yes Mr. Balin?” Bilbo answered somewhat sheepishly.

     “Didn’t ya hear Thorin laddie? He said that we be finding shelter soon and to pitch camp to wait for Gandalf.” The Halfling felt his heart lift up with an unfounded amount of joy, he tried to keep it off his face and from his voice but from the twinkle in Balin’s eye he knew he failed.

     “Re—really?” Bilbo affirmed softly almost to himself, Balin chuckled and gently touched the hobbits good arm. “Aye lad he did.”

     Bilbo risked a glance to the dwarf in question, and found him in a seemingly deep discussion with Dwalin and Gloin. Suddenly those deep piercing blue eyes looked up and met the Halfling’s gaze for an instant. Then familiar look of distain blankets the dwarf’s features and Bilbo look down first, willing the embarrassed flush away, “Are you sure it had nothing to do with me and my arm?” Bilbo asked Balin when he recovered from the blush.

     When the elder dwarf hesitated, Bilbo had his answer and quite frankly it angered him. Frustrated Bilbo turned away, “Have I not kept up with the company? Have I not giving one single complaint about the pace our… our fearless leader pushes upon us?” he started to pace back and forth feverously. “Why does he insist upon treating me as if I don’t pull my own weight?”

     “Now lad---” Balin begin but Bilbo whirled around and cut the elder warrior off, “No! I don’t want to hear you defend him Balin, you done that more than enough!” Without thinking Bilbo made a sharp gesture with his injured arm and was greeted with a white hot flash a pain. He clutched his arm and doubled over. “Bl—blast!” his hissed harshly in an instant Fili, Kili and Balin was at Bilbo side.

“Are you okay?” the three of them exclaimed, and Bilbo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sorry state he was in. So he let his anger take over, “Of course I’m okay, I’m bloody fantastic!” Bilbo seethed still clutching his throbbing arm; the three dwarves glanced at each other warily.

     “Is there anything we can do for you Mr. Baggins?” Kili asked anxiously as he hovered over the Halfling.

     “Yes!” Bilbo snaps, “I could do with some air and some privacy if you don’t mind!” With sheer strength of will the hobbit straightens up and marches away from three concerned dwarves, as well as the rest of the company. The brothers move to follow him, but Balin raises a hand and stops them.

     “Aye let our burglar be lads… He’s been under a fair amount of stress these past few days and it’s probably the pain in his arm which makes him so cross. I’m sure Thorin will send someone after him if he stays gone for too long. Don’t you boys worry okay?” Balin sighed, giving each brother a comforting pat he passed them and made his way to Dori to have a chat.

     Fili and Kili say nothing but exchanged knowing glances. They long to follow their hobbit but, soon their uncle is barking orders for them to collect kindling for a fire. From the tone of his voice the brothers knew Thorin was in no mood to repeat himself twice, they did what he asked without question.

     The dark assessing eyes of the Dwarven leader missed nothing, he was fully aware of the exchange that went on with their burglar. He knew he had been hard on the Halfling, but will all the demon’s that Thorin had on him… he didn’t need another on added to the lot. Part of him argued that he should be kinder to the Halfling; because for all his… “bullying” the Halfling did manage to pull his own, and even surprise Thorin a few times. However another part just couldn’t let up, because Thorin knew the hobbit didn’t belong. As the rest of his company busied themselves with setting up camp, Thorin allowed himself to gaze after the hobbit. If he didn’t come back within the hour, Thorin would fetch the Halfling himself.


A/N: This story has become its own animal. It’s gotten so far from what I originally planned that I can’t go back. So I shall roll with it and see where it takes me! However don’t worry there will be bath time fun with Fili and Kili… it’s just might take a little longer to get there. So please bear with me! R&R! I will love you forever! Lol


ps. I blame this deviation solely on the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra that was on PBS Great Performances lol. Classical music being my muse… who knew?  


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